Christian Inner Healing Coach


Precious Woman of God!

The storms of life have left you battered, bruised and mired in fear. The emotional and spiritual chains from your past have become too heavy to carry. The negativity and self-doubt filling your head leaves you questioning your worth and your purpose. My precious sister, you are worthy of the dreams and visions resting in your soul. It’s time to receive Christ’s gift and be free.




Beginning with Inner Healing and God’s help, you release the emotional trauma(s) of your past. What follows is a renewed desire to embrace the present while dreaming and launching yourself toward the future.


Public Speaking

I take my gifts to Christian Women’s Retreats with the intent of sparking the healing process by providing concrete scriptural content, allowing my beloved sisters a glimpse of how God truly sees them.



Receive inspiration, insight and guidance through my monthly blog. Learn how you can begin your own journey to healing, adjust mindsets, establish boundaries and begin to see the woman God created you to be.


are you ready?

Each woman is wonderfully unique. You have been sent here for such a time as this.   
Will you heed God’s nudge and begin the process of healing and transformation?