You Are Not Wonder Woman!


As women, we try to do it all: careers that take our time and concentration, children and husbands who need our undivided attention, homes that need to be cleaned, laundry and dishes that never end, bills to pay, friends to keep in touch with, aging parents to check in on or look after and the phone which never stops ringing or chiming with yet another text alert.

At first we think we can do it all.  It's our job.  It's EXPECTED!  

Stop.  Think.  Is this a true statement?  

Yes, our North American society appears to expect us to do it all.  We are to be completely independent.  

Strength is found in independence...or is it?

The truth is this:  women were never meant to do it all.  We have others around us who are willing to help, if we would only learn to ask.  Asking can seem like a failure, a weakness.

This mindset is false.  

It is a strong woman who knows when she needs to ask for help and actually does it.  It is a strong woman who knows when it's time to delegate tasks that others in her immediate family could and should be helping with.

So, when you're feeling overwhelmed and like the weight of the world is on your shoulders.

STOP!   Take a deep breath and let go of those things that are not yours to carry. 

Let someone else pitch in with the house work.

Ask for help.

Don't allow yourself to feel guilty and banish all feelings of failure.  These are lies from the enemy who is determined to have us think the worst of ourselves.

Instead, I want you to applaud yourself for having the strength to take back your life again.  Have a little personal celebration and affirmation time.  You victories must be celebrated!

Now you can begin to remember what it is to really LIVE!