Do This In Remembrance...

Credit given to Creative Pictures By Larry Mann

Credit given to Creative Pictures By Larry Mann

November 11th marks our Remembrance Day here in Canada. It is the day that we, as a Nation, remember family, friends and fellow Canadians who fought in all previous wars and are fighting in ongoing conflicts around the globe. We remember those who came home injured and permanently scarred; we remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice and laid down their lives (for the freedoms we all too easily take for granted today) and we honour those who are currently serving in our Military forces around the world.

It is a time of reflection, of melancholy and of grief. It is a time to understand the importance of never forgetting. It is a time to stand silent, while taps are played on haunting trumpets and tears press against the back of the eyes. It is a time to teach the next generation the cost of freedom and the value of remembrance, as wreaths are laid and our National Anthem, “O Canada” is sung.

We must not forget!

Remembrance is the ongoing task of recalling that which has already happened: a specific event or time in life. Remembrance keeps things in focus and perspective. When it comes to Remembrance Day, there needs to be no agenda, other than honouring those who have served and are serving. More importantly, though is the remembrance of those who died. There is and continues to be a great cost for the freedoms that we have today.

As I typed that last sentence, the scripture where Jesus tells His disciples, “Do this in remembrance of me” (1 Corinthians 11:24-26) popped into my mind. Of course, He is referencing the Last Supper and the sharing of the bread and wine. Each is a remembrance of Jesus’ sacrifice on the Cross and His resurrection 3 days later.

Even our Lord emphasizes that remembrance is necessary and beneficial.

This Remembrance Day, make a conscious decision to stop and to remember all those who have gone before us, reflect on the Lamb who was Slain for the sins of the world also.

Jesus was the final sacrificial Lamb and because of Him each of us has access to eternal life. A gift freely given when He laid down His life.

Will you open that gift today and give your life to Him?