Exploring Your Family Tree

Site of the Busch Family School House outside Hodgeville, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Site of the Busch Family School House outside Hodgeville, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Have you ever researched your Family Tree?  I highly recommend doing so as it is so important to understand where you've come from and appreciate those who have gone before.

I had an opportunity in July, to go back to Saskatchewan for a Busch Family Reunion.  The last time I set foot on Saskatchewan soil was 41 years ago.  I was 9 years old and attending my Grandmother's funeral.  

This trip back to Saskatchewan was life changing for me.  It brought everything I had ever been told about my Mom's side of the family into complete context and it exposed the errors handed down in the oral stories of my ancestors. It brought new connections and healing at a very deep level.

To know that my Great-Grandparents travelled by boat first from Austria to the Eastern side of Great Britain, then trekked overland to the western seaboard and boarded another ship for Canada, all with 4 young boys in tow blows my mind.  Then, they landed in Quebec and the women and children were put into tents while the men went via wagon train to Saskatchewan to grab land.  They squatted on the land that they wanted and had a certain amount of time to register for permission to Homestead.  My Great-Grandfather did this and my Great-Grandmother and their 4 boys joined him awhile later and together, they and other German speaking settlers became Pioneer Farmers in Saskatchewan.  My Great-Grandmother had 9 children in total.  My Grandfather, Adam Busch was their 5th child.

At one time the Bushs owned so much land that they had their own school house.  The picture above is all that is left...the sign marks the spot where the school house stood.

God is very interested in Genealogy, but His interest is from a heavenly perspective.  As believers in Christ we have been "grafted into the vine" which means we are now as much a part of the lineage of Christ as Rahab, Jospeh, Esther, David, Jesse, Joshua, Mary and so many others.

Take time to ponder exactly what that means today.

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