Will You Speak When...

Photo by  david laws  on  Unsplash

Photo by david laws on Unsplash

If you have walked with the Lord for awhile, you know His voice.  You have experiences with Him and some are very significant.  I was reminded of one of those encounters I had with the Lord back in 1999.  I was at a conference in California, the first and last time I've listened to Cindy Jacobs teach live.  It was surreal to have a woman I have long considered a mentor, stand just 20 feet away holding a microphone.  I cannot remember the theme of that conference or any of the teaching.  There is only one lasting memory imprinted forever in my memory.  

There was an impartation given.  I cannot remember what the impartation was for now, but those teaching and leading,  had us line up around the room.  There were so many people.  I was walking with a cane at the time and my balance was poor, so I was easily knocked over.  As soon as the prayers of impartation began, people began going down and soon hundreds were laid out like chord wood all over the sanctuary, I kept moving, ducking in and out of pews.  I wasn't trying to get away...I didn't want to get knocked over and be missed!!  I wanted that impartation and yet, the more I tried to position myself to receive it, the farther away I seemed to get from receiving any kind of prayer. 

Finally, I heard Cindy's voice calling out asking if everyone had received.  My best friend (who had received) and then spent the rest of her time making sure I was safe, started waving and pointing, because I was once again in the middle of a pew.  Cindy saw my friend waving and pointing at me, so she moved to the end of the pew and motioned for me to walk toward her.  Everything slowed down...almost into slow motion.  I remember trying not to think, as I moved toward her and then away from the safety of the pew into a tiny open space of carpet.  At that point I had no choice, I looked up and made eye contact with my mentor who stood about 3-4 feet away from me.  All I remember thinking as our eyes locked was, "You are toast!"

Well she loosed the impartation in a forcefully flung prayer and I literally just crumpled in slow motion to the ground.  At least that is how it felt.  I remember being amazed a body could do that and not get hurt and then I was on my back staring at the ceiling with heat waves of God's spirit washing over me.  I closed my eyes and focused on Him and as I did so I heard that familiar still, small voice say, "Will you speak when and where I ask you to?"  A thousand possibilities of what that might mean flitted through my brain like fireflies moving at the speed of light.  I could not comprehend any of them, but there was only one answer I could give:  "Yes, Lord, I will."

Fast forward to 2018 and I have had opportunities to speak as God has led over the years:  at women's meetings and bible studies.  Mostly my voice has been reserved for the prayer closet and intercession until He asked me to use my gifts as an Inner Healing Coach.  That became official January 2018. 

In July, I had the opportunity of a 2 week vacation to go to a family reunion and reunite with cousins I hadn't seen in 41 years and with some cousins, it was our first meeting.  It was wonderful.

A week after I returned something happened so suddenly that I had said yes and was in the midst of this new experience before I could really get my bearings.  I found myself as a guest on a radio show.  Yes, you hear me correctly...a radio show.  The week had begun with being a podcast guest on a broadcast in Australia followed a day or so later by a video interview as a guest for a blog series and then week finished with me calling a number in Atlanta and being interviewed by my current business coach on her radio show.  It was again surreal and so much fun!  

The point is God asked me to speak and I obeyed, even though I was stretched so far outside of my comfort zone I could barely see it.  This is not about me...it is all about Him.  I kept my promise and I will continue to keep my promise.

I am attaching the recording of that radio show which aired on August 2, 2018 at the end of this blog post.  Please listen and if you hear the Lord's voice asking you to act then do it, even if you do it scared.  

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