Heather is a gracious guide as together we navigate through the turbulent waters of life's traumas with Holy Spirit lighting the way.  She is tender, patient and encouraging as she journeys with me toward complete freedom from the bondage of my past, enabling me to walk more fully in my true identity in Christ.


The biggest revelation for me was when God showed me the reason behind my lifelong anger toward men.  I gained perspective on the fact that we’re all broken and therefore I had carried unrealistic expectations of all the men in my life.  I had blamed God for allowing these men into my life.  Instead I realized it was my own brokenness that had left me vulnerable and attracting the wrong men.  As a result, I've repented and asked God’s forgiveness for blaming Him and I am a lot more open to accepting men the way they are and I realized that I needed to forgive myself.  Holy Spirit is honouring this and my conversations with people are more positive and the toxic complaining I used to do has stopped.  God has indeed begun to make beauty out of ashes in my life." 


Heather truly is a blessing in my life, I know God brought us together. She is real, vulnerable and open about the journey God has brought her on. She has allowed God to use her to lead me to a closer relationship with Him and others in my life. She never forces me down a path, only opens my eyes to what God is showing me. I’m extremely thankful that God has seen fit to bring Heather into my life and I consider myself blessed to call her my Christian sister and inner healing coach.


Heather has been an incredible guide through my journey this past year.  I could see and feel the growth and changes manifesting in my life even after our first session.  She put me to work on achieving my goals in manageable ways and the outcome has been life changing.  It is clear that God sent Heather into my life with a purpose and I am eternally grateful she said yes!”  


I have struggled with identity issues and knowing God’s purpose for my life.  Since we began our coaching sessions, my thinking is changing.  I am more positive about my life.  My binge eating addiction has been removed and I am learning to love and value myself while making healthy changes.  Heather has guided me in setting up realistic goals and is encouraging me to take the steps necessary to achieve them.  The vision statement has had the most impact so far, because I now have hope for the future.  


Heather is very thorough and cares very much about walking along side you in your struggles.  She takes the time to have a thorough understanding on how to cater to your learning and communication styles.  She is a true empath, who has been encouraging and honest with me from the start of our sessions together.  It is a true blessing to work with her.”


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